Gallery 1:10 in Musikhjälpen

Gallery 1:10 is participating in Musikhjälpen on Friday December 16, at around 09:30-12:00. Listen to it on the radio, or see it live online. (Link)

For this, Gallery 1:10 invited artists Anna Nordström, Cecilia Hultman, Henrik Franklin, Tina Nykvist and Elin Magnusson, who have donated works for the show. The object itself, containing the artists works, will be donated to Musikhjälpen and auctioned off. Help us raise money for Musikhjälpen to help children in war-torn areas to be able to get an education.

Musikhjälpen is a Swedish week long live radio and TV broadcast. The mission is to create awarness and raise money for a humanitarian cause. Since 2008, Swedish Public Radio and Public Television together with help organisation Radiohjälpen produce the week long live broadcast Musikhjälpen, with the goal to create awarness about and raise money for a humanitarian catastrophy.



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