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The Copier, The Copier, The Copier. Installation view

Installation view from The Copier, The Copier, The Copier, at Cornelia Sojdelius Gallery. December 11th – January 18th.

The Copier - Anna Lidberg
From the left: Kropp med ande skall bli enad och ett hjärta fritt (A4 6:1) and The Copies. Glimps of video installation The Copier in next room.



The day before new years eve I was a guest in swedish public radio and the program pp3. if you would to listen to our discussion about art in relation to memes (in swedish) here’s the link.

Solo show at Cornelia Sojdelius Gallery, Stockholm

11 Dec 2014 -18 Jan 2015

At the moment I’m working towards a solo show at The artist run Cornelia Sojdelius Gallery in Stockholm. More information can be found in this facebook event.

The opening will be on December 11th. See you there!

Anna Lidberg The Copier

Artotek Värmland

Im participating with Fan, Anna. Vi Var Ju Barn Nyss? in:


4 October – 19 December 2014, Kronoparkens Bibliotek, Karlstad.

Also particapiting: Sara Forsström, Bettina Hystad-Hvidevold, Simon Lerin-Hystad, Amanda Karlsson, Julia Olofsson, Matilda Frykberg, Nils Karlsson, David Kumlin, Jesper Vieleby

Sweden’s Emerging Art @ No Picnic


I’m showing work (The Copier) in the annual SEART exhibition at No Picnic in Stockholm, 11/9-14/9.

Here’s the Facebook event… …and som more info from the arrangers:

Sweden’s Emerging Art on show
For the third year in a row SEART is showing the highlights from the Swedish emerging art scene. The pop-up exhibition takes place at the award winning location of No Picnic in the heart of Stockholm. 13 artists are selected this year to show their works in different medias with striking, thought-provoking outcomes. Some of the pieces are specifically produced for the show.

The participating artists at SEART @ NO PICNIC are Ammy Olofsson, Anna Lidberg, Asumi Sato, Axel Versteegh, Camilo Matiz, Emma Andersson, Erlend Grytbakk Wold, Gabriella Loeb, Ida Persson, Liva Isakson Lundin, Ossian Eckerman, Sacco Fujishima, Åke Gustafsson.

Opening reception: Thursday 11th September, 6 p.m.–10 p.m. Exhibition: 12–14 September, noon–6 p.m. Free AdmissionAt the opening reception you can enjoy petit four from Prince philosopher Address: No Picnic, Storgatan 23 C, Stockholm (T-banestation Östermalm) SEART



Gallery 1:10 på Odenplans Tunnelbanestation 5/9-6/12


(Short summary in english below)

Välkomna till öppningen av min nästkommande utställning 17:00 5/9 i SLs konstmonter på Odenplans tunnelbanestation. Det är Gallery 1:10 som får ta plats och visa nysammansatta If you tolerate this – En utställning om motstånd. Mer information om de inbjudna konstnärernas arbeten samt länkar till deras hemsidor kommer inom kort.

 Se mer information om utställningen på Gallery 1:10s sida.


Presstext från SL:

Ny konst i montern på Odenplan

Den 5 september klockan 17.00 öppnas utställningen ”Gallery 1:10” i SL:s konstmonter på Odenplans tunnelbanestation med konstnären Anna Lidberg på plats. Detta är den 72:a utställningen i rad där resenärerna får ta del av verk från den unga generationens konstnärer.

Utställningen pågår under tiden 5 september – 6 december 2014.

Anna Lidberg berättar själv om sin utställning:

”Gallery 1:10” huserar i ett dockskåp, där rummen förändras med varje utställning och där konstnärer bjuds in att visa sina arbeten under de förändrade förutsättningar som miniatyrmiljön ger. Sedan starten 2006 har ”Gallery 1:10” ställt ut ett stort antal konstnärer i liten skala, i varierande medier. Galleriet har både rört sig i stadsrummet och i konstens redan etablerade rum. Med sin avväpnande skala får det betraktaren att komma nära, att anpassa sin kropp och blick till de små rummen och sedan möta konsten som finns däri. ”Gallery 1:10” är ett experiment med relationen till betraktaren och ett försök att på lekfulla vägar nå en stor allmänhet.

För Odenplans tunnelbanestation visar ”Gallery 1:10” ”If you tolerate this”en utställning som talar om framtidsoro samtidigt som den kämpar med att hitta, och hålla fast vid, framtidshoppet.

Medverkande: Moa-Lina Croall, Camilla Edström Ödemark, Henrik Franklin, Eva Kenell, Loui Kuhlau, Marie Therese Luger & Julia Hartig (Institut für erweiterte Kunst Austria), Elin Magnusson, Tina Nykvist, United Colors of Bitchaton.


Om konstnären:

Anna Lidberg, född 1984, utexaminerades från Masterprogrammet på Institutionen för Konst på Konstfack i Stockholm 2014.


För mer information kontakta:

Ylva Berglund, Affärsförvaltare Konst SL

Tel: 08-686 4022


English summary: A new show by my miniature exhibition space Gallery 1:10 will be shown at Odenplan underground station, 5/9 – 6/12. It’s called “If you tolerate this” – an exhibition about resistance. It worries about the future while searching for and trying to hold on to hope.
Participating artists:  Moa-Lina Croall, Camilla Edström Ödemark, Henrik Franklin, Eva Kenell, Loui Kuhlau, Marie Therese Luger & Julia Hartig (Institut für erweiterte Kunst Austria), Elin Magnusson, Tina Nykvist, United Colors of Bitchaton.



Some articles about Konstfack’s Spring Show

Konstfack-DN18/5, Dagens Nyheter






10330490_10152170018734895_3179878838897604230_n 16/5 Svenska Dagbladet






10156026_10152468397939602_2182169245451451002_n17/5 Svenska Dagbladet






Skärmavbild 2014-05-19 kl. 21.48.5319/5







Konstfack Spring show

Konstfack Spring show is open 15/5-25/5, weekends 12-16, all other days 12-19. Feel free to come by!

I’m graduating, MFA, and will be showing The Copier and Gallery 1:10. In the later I have put together a a show with my class mates from the master program, Art in The Public Realm. Here’s the event for that on Facebook. And here is one for Konstfacks official event.




“The Copier” at Kristinehamns Konstmuseum

Welcome to Kristinehamns Konstmuseum 1/3 for the opening of my show, with the new work “The Copier”.  It is part of the museums grant, that I recevied this year.  The show is open 1/3-27/4 2014.



Preview of new work

Welcome to a preview of my new work, a 4 channel video installation centered around a copy machine. Opening at Galleri Konstfack 6/11 16:00 (4pm). The gallery will be open thursday, friday and saturday 14:00-18:00. I would love your feedback on the work, so feel free to come by.




Video documentations

Here’s a video documentation from a talk I participated in last week. In swedish.

Carl Olof Berg, koreograf, Anders Brokvist (Ismael Ataria), författare, Wilhelm Forsnäsgård, filmare, Tuva Hardorp, musiker (Vidar), och Anna Lidberg, konstnär.”


And heres one that Kil’s Lina Nyåker made about Station AiR:

“I’m from Hot Land”

Im participating in the group show “I’m from Hot Land” at Rackstadmuseet, Arvika.  19/10-23/11.




I will be participating in a panel discussion at the cultural conference “Kulturparlamentet”. 15/10 in Karlstad. For more information, follow this link.


“Station” AiR for Groups

In collaboration with Anna Åberg from Kils municipality I have started a new Artist in Residency! My role has, among other things, been to experiment with the residency as a form, and to test how power structures can be challenged through different measures. One of these are that the artists apply as a group and thereby get the power to decide what artist to work with side by side during the residency. This gives them a stronger position in relation to the municipality. It’s also a way of challenging the thought of the artist as “a brand” and give us/them new ways of working collectively.

The residency pays the artists during their stay, both for just being there and for participating in three public events during their stay. They also get a small budget for materials. I believe that working with art should be as respected – not more or less – as other work. It’s neither just for fun or a task sent from above. This means we have to get paid for what we do so people can work with art as a living and to make sure that not only people who can get money elsewhere are the ones who can afford to work with art. I also think it is of great importance to try to find ways to fund artistic work without the pressure to produce work to be sold on a market.

It is extremely important for us to work in a gender-aware way and try to do our part in changing twisted patriarchal systems. Therefore, we have decided that, every other year, Station will only be open for applications from people who identifies as women. This is to compensate for the fact that men are more privileged in the art world, and also to bring amazing female artists to Kil, where a debate on equality needs to take place, (as it does in most places). We are starting out with a group of artist from my network, including myself as I totally want to take part in and try out my own residency. The other artist are: Tina Nykvist, Elin Magnusson and Vilda Kvist!

This years Station takes place in a house (see image below) and in the old “Folkets Hus” (Peoples movements house) in central parts of Kil. The artists will visit Kil from 29th of July to 18th of August. The public events are the 1st, 8th and 15th of August.

Hope to see you there! Let’s all hope for continued funding so that great artists can apply for this next year and the year after that and the year after that…


Photo by Lina Nyåker, Kils Kommun.

“Håll om mig 100 gånger” – Viewing of new works at Sannerudsskolan

Welcome to Kil 22/8 2013, 6 pm, for a viewing of the art obtained for the newly built school, Sannerudsskolan. My site specifik work “Håll om mig 100 gånger”, will be shown for the first time. Here’s what it looks like prior to installation.


“Fan, Anna. Vi var ju barn nyss?” at Temporära Konsthallen.

“Fan, Anna. Vi var ju barn nyss?” (“Damn it, Anna. Were we not children just recently?”) will be shown at “Temporära Konstbion” at Temporära Konsthallen, Stockholm, 8/6, 5 pm.

See more information on the facebook event here.


Gallery 1:10 at Konstfrämjandet Värmland

My project and I are going to Karlstad! Gallery 1:10 will show “Ward Robe in Spare Oom” at Konstfrämjandet Värmland. Welcome to the opening on May 10th. Click here for the Facebook event.

Gallery 1:10 på Galleri Verkligheten, Umeå

“Ward Robe in Spare Oom” på Gallery 1:10.
Galleri Verkligheten, Umeå 1/3-22/3 2013

Utställningen “Ward Robe in Spare Oom” tar avstamp i ett missförstånd som uppstår i berättelsen om sagolandet Narnia (CS Lewis) när faunen Mr Tumnus möter människan Lucy som just anlänt till landet genom en garderob. Hon förklarar: “I came through the wardrobe in the spare room”. Mr Tumnus bjuder i sin tur med henne på te och, i ett försök att förstå, formulerar han hennes ursprung: “the far land of Spare Oom where the eternal summer reigns around the bright city of Ward Robe.”

Med utgångspunkt i detta poetiska missförstånd fokuserar och funderar den här utställningen kring öppningar mellan olika världar och verkligheter och synen på dem där i mellan. Utifrånperspektiv och försök att återberätta någons berättelse eller något som hänt blandas med undersökningar av verklighet, förskjutningar och språkliga experiment.

Johanna Adebäck & Merve Ertufan
Johan Thurfjell
Tina Nykvist
Vilda Kvist

Ward Robe in Spare Oom visas i Gallery 1:10 som i sin tur visas på Galleri Verkligheten 1-22 mars 2013.


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